A modern European manufacturer of vinyl floor covering. Vinyl floors made by Fatra, a.s. are characterized the modern lifestyle, improve living, contribute to healthy and clean environment, protection from allergies.

Special floor covering types also comply with requirements for elimination of electrostatic charge. All of them guarantee high-quality materials for applications in residential buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and light industry.

The wide range of vinyl floor covering types is complemented by welding cords, floor strips and staircase edges in the same colour shade. Vinyl floors of Fatra comply with the ISO 9001 European standard.



Lyno® floor is composed of several layers, distinguished from each other by composition or design. The thickness of the wear (useful) layer determines the load degree of the floor covering. These floorings meet the requirements for applications in both residential and commercial buildings as well as in light industry.



Thermofix® is special heterogeneous modular vinyl floor covering made since 2003 by the Fatra, a.s. Company. It consists of several layers with inserted glass matting. The transparent wear layer is treated with a mechanical profile. In addition, the surface is coated with a polyurethane layer that increases resistance and facilitates maintenance.

The manufacturer provides 10 years’ guarantee for the material.



Imperio® is made of modern and environmentally friendly materials, contains no harmful softening agents. Its dimensional stability is achieved by thermostabilisation technology and the use of a dimensionally stable lower foil.



The FatraClick® design conveniently combines the benefits of vinyl and conventional floating floors, thus lending great properties to this flooring.

The collection is exceptional for its authentic natural wood texture – not only visually, but due to its surface structure, also to the touch.

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